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Worship Puerto Rico is a non-profit organization that started in November 2017 when St. Johns AME in Raleigh, NC set out to fund a recovery effort to help Puerto Rico rebuild after Hurricane Maria devastated the island and its economy. They then decided give the funds to Cinnamon Ruth Leggett who distributed the funds to those who where in need in Puerto Rico.  After finding out what the needed really looked like Cinnamon organized a movement called Worship Puerto Rico to continue recovery efforts.  Multiple trips have been organized to build homes and hope through service and performance.  Worship Puerto Rico is in its third year of existence with a focus in Loiza, Puerto Rico. In March of 2020 we will return to Loiza Puerto Rico and build a community effort to promote sustainability, disaster preparedness and create a store house of resources for the future. 

“We are not heading to Puerto Rico to bring help, we are heading to Puerto Rico to build hope!"
-Cinnamon Ruth Leggett

Mission: The mission is to build a community effort to promote sustainability, disaster preparedness and create a store house of resources for the future. 

Goal: The goal is to identify individual rebuilding needs, plant gardens for sustainable living, complete small house projects and prepare emergency packs for future disasters.

Our Upcoming Trip: WPR volunteers will depart RDU on March 26th, 2020 and spend 8 days in Puerto Rico returning on April 2nd, 2020.    

Our Trip Plan: Day 1-travel, Day 2-purchase/gather supplies, Day 3-work, Day 4-work, Day 5-work/rest, Day 6-rest, Day 7-concert, Day 8-travel. Each volunteer is self-funded, paying their own travel, housing, transportation and food costs.

Our Project: WPR 2020 will provide 66 families in Culebra, Puerto Rico with emergency readiness packs (lifesaving back packs or salvation mochila) that include life saving emergency supplies for use during natural disasters. The island of Culebra has a population of 1710 with 749 families according to the 2018 Census. See link:  and WPR will provide lifesaving backpacks to all families in Culebra Puerto Rico by 2025. 

Fundraising: Fundraising is an important part of the Worship Puerto Rico initiative and allows WPR to provide resources to communities in need of additional resources to best prepare for unforseen disasters. Each volunteer participates in the fundraising process as a means to financially fund the continued work of Worship Puerto Rico. Participate in funding the work of Worship Puerto Rico by

  1. Sponsoring a lifesaving backpack sponsorship-$50 at Lifesaving-Sponsor
  2. Making a one time donation of any amount at $ProjectPuertoRico  

If you would like to donate via another means please Contact Us.

Our Trip Cost: The full cost of the trip is $625. This includes food, lodging, airfare and transportation. The cost is tax deductible. Additional costs include money for souvenirs and leisure food.  

Payments: Payments are made through Cash app, are non-refundable and are to be completed on the following  schedule. 

  • Payment 1: October 1st-$125 
  • Payment 2: November 1st-$125
  • Payment 3: January 1st-$125
  • Payment 4: February 1st-$125
  • Payment 5: March 1st-$125

Cancellations: Circumstances arise however, the cost of the trip for each participant hinges on the other participants commitment attend. All cancellations are non-refundable however, if a participant cancels during payment 1 or 2  the participant will not be responsible for the remaining payments 3-5 .  If a participant cancels during payment 3-5 the participant is fully responsible for the remaining payments which is the full amount of the trip (no exceptions). 

Make a payment. Easy Payment link: $ProjectPuertoRico  (be sure to include name in the memo)

Team life: Team life is very important to WPR including meals, travel and fun time. It is important that a strong WPR team relationship is built from the begining. All meals are eaten together around a shared table and travel to team fun activities and work ventures are completed together. Everyone is asked to remain with the group for all planned activities. Free time will be included our trip and can be done part from the team. 

Our 2020 Volunteers: 

  1. Kai Hill
  2. Lauren Hill
  3. Sean Leggett-Operations
  4. Cinnamon Ruth Leggett-Founder
  5. Kelvin Lee
  6. Shauna Stacker
  7. Courtney Jones-Intern
  8. ClaudiaCepedes- Project Manager
  9. Wilhelmina Leggett-Non-Profit Director
  10. Ruth Ayala Carmona-Team Nurse
  11. Marjorie Douglas
  12. Alexis Goode
  13. Rosa Cespedes
  14. Luis Cespede

*We are currently wait listing interested parties. Please feel free to email worshippuertorico@gmail.com if you are interested in being placed on the wait list. 

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     Here's how you can help:

    1. Donate 
      1. Electronically via Cash App | $ProjectPuertoRico  
      2. Check or cash (given to a volunteer-checks should be written to Worship Inc. or Worship Puerto Rico) 
    2. Purchase (a Project Puerto Rico T-Shirt)Represent the Worship Puerto Rico project by repping the project Puerto Rico t-shirt and tagging #WorshipPuertoRico on social media
    3. Pray and Share. Pray for safety and direction. Share with everyone!

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    Worship Puerto Rico
    Worship Puerto Rico Puppies! . The two puppies you see on each side are puppies adopted during a recent sustainability trip to Puerto Rico. The circumstances that came together to allow us to meet these pups lead to a beautiful life connection to their new mommy (Claudia) #puertorico #worshippuertorico