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Mission: To provide emergency back-packs to residents of Puerto Rico promoting and teaching disaster preparedness ahead of natural disasters minimizing the loss of life related to disaster.

Goal: Zero loss of life due to natural disaster.

-Worship Puerto Rico
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We should never loose 4000 lives again!

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Your donations matter. 1 out of every 2 people are unemployed in Puerto Rico making basic day to day needs challenging. When disaster hits meeting basic needs is nearly impossible. One life saving emergency back-pack can make the difference between life or death for local residents of Puerto Rico.
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  • Worship Puerto Rico a project under  the non-profit organization Worship Inc. started in November 2017 when St. Johns AME in Raleigh, NC set out to fund a recovery effort to help Puerto Rico rebuild after Hurricane Maria devastated the island and its economy. They gave the funds to Cinnamon Ruth Leggett who then distributed the funds to those who were in need in Puerto Rico after taking a self funded trip to Puerto Rico to assess the needs of the people.  She then organized a movement called Worship Puerto Rico in hopes to continue recovery efforts for years to come.

    Worship Puerto Rico is in its fourth year of existence with a focus on preparedness and distribution of emergency book-bags called “salva mochilas”.

    Multiple trips have been organized to build hope through service and “love in action”, stated Christina Shivers, 2021 year team member, and every March a team of 12-14 will return to Puerto Rico continuing community efforts to distribute the life saving book-bags. 

    “We are not heading to Puerto Rico to bring help, we are heading to Puerto Rico to build hope!” -Cinnamon Ruth Leggett

  • Yearly WPR provides 100 families in Guánica and Guayanilla, Puerto Rico with emergency back-packs (salva mochilas) that include life saving emergency supplies such as duct tape, rope, solar powered flashlights, trash bags, tooth brushes, toothpaste, sunscreen, bug spray, cold packs and power packs for phone charging. The back-packs are water proof and keep the elements safe and dry until put into use. Each bag contains a how to guide which describes the non-conventional use of the items in the bags, items that can be added to the bags and a personal story from the team member that gave the bag. 

    Additionally, WPR will provide education and resources for the following: 

    • Disaster preparedness in natural disaster
    • First responder and CPR training
    • Health Screenings including blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate, temperature and oxygen saturation.
    • Nursing advice and education
    • Hospital mapping and the best use of local healthcare resources.
    • Psychosocial community resources for mental health.

Meet Our Former Volunteers

  • Cinnamon Ruth Leggett

    Cinnamon Ruth Leggett | Director

    Cinnamon Ruth Leggett


  • Claudia Cespedes

    Claudia Cespedes | Project Manager

    Claudia Cespedes


  • Christina Shivers

    Christina Shivers | Social Media

    Christina Shivers


  • Sara Montanez

    Sara Montanez | Health Team

    Sara Montanez


  • Kelvin Lee

    Kelvin Lee | Disaster Education

    Kelvin Lee


  • Elvia Chavarria

    Elvia Chavarria | Disaster Education

    Elvia Chavarria


  • Kai and Lauren Hill

    Kai and Lauren Hill | Disaster Education

    Kai and Lauren Hill

    Mother/Daughter Duo



  • Ruth Ayala-Carmona

    Ruth Ayala Carmona | Health Team

    Ruth Ayala-Carmona



  • Shauna Garrett

    Shauna Garrett | Film Director

    Shauna Garrett



  • Brenda Madera

    Brenda Madera | Disaster Education

    Brenda Madera